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To improve cultural, educational and social conditions of the people and to undertake multidisciplinary programs and work for democracy, good governance, realizations of human rights, international peace, justice and cooperation including NGOs cooperation and coordination programs.

To conduct workshops, seminars, conferences, training programmes and meetings to promote, pursue and cherish the memories, the principles/policies and ideologies of Smt. Veena rani who untiringly worked throughout her life for the up-liftment of down trodden and deprived sections of society and always stood against any kind of injustice to a common man.

To provide support in uplifting the conditions of downtrodden in areas of health, education and poverty.

To do everything possible that helps in strengthening the secular threads of our society by organizing public lectures, awareness programmes etc.

To do everything possible in removing the sufferings of older population of our country who lead pathetic life.

To do everything possible to create awareness among the masses and prevent spread of cancer and other incurable diseases.