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Smt. Veena Rani

Smt. Veena Rani Memorial Trust is dedicated to the cause of economically backward, socially deprived and defenseless segments of society without any demarcation of caste, creed or religion. This trust is truly designed and endeavors to cherish the sweet memories of late Smt. Veena Rani, a government officer, a social and a sarva dharama religious worker and aims to pursue her ideals in a manner that ensures fulfillment of all the left overs of her good zeal. Mrs. Veena Rani w/o O P Sharma was born on 19th of April 1953 at Delhi in an affluent business family of Delhi. Her father Shri Inder Sain Sachdeva was as well known hotelier of his times and pursued his trade with ethics and life with modesty. She was blessed with seven siblings. Veena rani was the sixth child of her parents. She was sweet and pampered and grew up in the most humble, pleasant, congenial atmosphere with strong family bondage befeaft of divide and deceipt. She was a sharp student and enjoyed her learning. Because of her inherent simplicity, honesty, intellect and compassion, her schoolmates, teachers, neighbours, relations and friends loved and enjoyed her company the most. After accomplishing her college studies at post graduation level she qualified UPSC examination to become a government officer to serve the nation through her intellect, vision and best deeds and earned all round of applause in her career.

She was married to O P Sharma on 27th of November 1977 and practiced the traditional Hindu virtues in strengthening the family bondage and very soon became the most sought after bahu of Sharma parivar. No event, however smaller it may be, was thinkable in her absentia. She prioritized the family but also continued with her career. As a result the family grew both economically, intellectually and socially by leaps and bounds and earned respect in the society. She believed in returning the society atleast a bit of what it gives you and thus made a point to spend a good portion of her earnings to the cause of economically backward students by offering them scholarship through NGOs. Organizing langars, distributing clothing's to the poor, distributing medicines to the needy were some of her most preferred areas of functioning. In this way she was a great social worker who relentlessly and untiringly worked for the welfare of the society. Her thrust areas being health, education and poverty alleviation she always believed that no society could grow economically stronger and intellectually vibrant without prioritizing health and education as the lead areas of attention and accordingly focused on helping the economically backward class to ensure equilibrium among the haves and have not(s) throughout her life. She always stood against all kinds of injustice to the women and other economically downtrodden persons at the hands of mighty and thus drew her strength from the numerous smiles that she brought on such faces. In pursuit of her goals the trust has decided to use all her money for this good cause. The trust resolves to work untiringly to achieve its objectives.

The trust acknowledges the selfless, sacrosanct, sincere, true and untiring efforts and dispensation of the following ...

Dr. Ranju Gandhi - Senior Professional of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Sakita - Her Personal Maid

These two individuals voluntarily performed examplery during the last days of illness of Mrs. Veena Rani and any words of appreciation will fall short to their great contribution and stature. For millions, they are the real source of inspiration in today's world of materialism .